PS3 Eye Camera

  • Inexpensive - Retails $40 USD
  • High Resolution/Frame Rate - 320x240 resolution 125fps max, 640x480 resolution 75fps
  • Best camera for building optical MT tracking systems because of it's amazing camera sensor and ease of modification. See the store for more info.
  • Download driver here
Here is our video showing the removal of the infrared blocking filter from the stock OEM lens:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Camera

  • Inexpensive - Retails $40 USD
  • High Resolution/Frame Rate - 640x480 resolution 30fps
  • May be discontinued due to new Kinect system

Unibrain Fire-i Digital Camera

  • Expensive - Retails $149 USD
  • High Frame Rate - 640x480 resolution 30fps
  • Higher end camera with m12 mount. Able to adapt m12 lenses onto it easily.
  • Firewire Interface allows more stable connection than USB
  • See here for lens options.

Philips SPC900NC

  • Has been since discontinued, but was a very popular camera because the lens could easily be unscrewed and replaced.
  • Here is a site showing a review of it.
  • Here is the pdf manual for the camera.